KOOKABURRA DISTRIBUTORS supplies and distributes a wide range of products and services on behalf of several large Australian manufacturers. We also specialize in Polystyrene Foam and Mould making, as well as, manufacturing building profiles, Artificial Rocks and Water Features. Our service territory encompasses the Illawarra region down to Victoria border. Our main products include:

BOSTIK Construction Products

  •     Adhesives

  •     Waterproofing

  •     Sealant

CSR Building Products

  •     Bradford Insulation

  •     Fibre Cement Column Accessories

  •     Fibre Cement Texture Base Sheet (for the Applied Finish System)

  •     Gyprock Classic Cornice

Prima Fiberglass

  •     Fiberglass products

  •     Tapes and Mesh

Refractory Australian Manufacturers (several)

  •     Refractories for Steel, Aluminum, Cement Plant, Glass Industries

Polystyrene Foam

Low (L), Semi-Low (SL),  Standard(S)  Medium(M), High(H), Very High(VH).

              SIZES:     5000 X 1220 X 610 MM
                              2500 X 1220 X 610 MM

              SIZES:    2440 X 1220 X 10
                                                        2440 X 1220 X 15
                                                        2440 X 1220 X 20
                                                     up to
                                                       610 MM

Moulds designing and manufacturing

- All sizes cut to shape custom cutting / pattern making & styrene
- Arches, fancy columns, and all unusual shapes
- Computer cutting of complex shapes


Packaging boxes, special shapes for transportation